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Arts Alive! Barrington

Barrington, RI

Arts Alive! Barrington is non-profit performing arts organization that works with local elementary and middle schools to produce top-quality musicals throughout the school year. In addition, they offer summer camp programs and internships for middle and high schoolers.

As the popularity of these shows has grown, so did the need for more efficient communciations regarding auditions, rehearsals, tickets, show times and more. 

This goal was achieved with a beautiful new website that presents the large amount of information that is required to successfully manage not only the six productions per school year, but also five weeks of full-time summer camp and various workshops and “play-in-a-day” programs that are offered on holidays or teacher professional days.

As the organization grows, additional information is easily integrated into the site that makes it easier to coordinate the many different groups of people that need to be managed, including:

  • Parents
  • Volunteers
  • Student Interns
  • Donors

Integrating email and forms for auditions, ticket sales, registration, and more automates key processes that in turn frees up time for staff for other important tasks.