Digital Marketing

The Right Tools and a Strategic Plan

Whether all-in or phased-in, adding digital marketing components requires planning to be successful.  There are three questions to start:

What are your goals?
An honest look at your current marketing efforts, in conjunction with where you want your business to be in the short and long term, will set the stage for an intelligent marketing strategy.

Who Are You Targeting?
Understanding where, when, and how to reach new customers or clients is crucial to choosing the right tools and techniques.

How Will Tasks Be Delegated?
Your organizational capacity, budget, industry, and audience demographics will dictate the means of implementing a realistic marketing plan.

Targeted Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital Puts Business Owners in Control

Streamlining Key Processes + Detailed Tracking Data

The advantages of digital marketing are clear: integration and automation of repetitive, yet critical tasks, saves time and money; and the tracking of all marketing efforts provides the information we need to determine which campaigns are truly helping you reach goals.

Email Marketing

Reaching contacts by email is highly efficient and cost effective; proper list segmentation, frequency, and messaging are crucial to your success.

Google Ads

Get your business in front of consumers who are actively searching for your product or service, and keep your brand out front with remarketing.

Social Media Ads

Offering demographic and geo-targeting, custom audience building, and tight budgeting control, advertising on social media works well for many industries.

Local Optimization (SEO)

 Controlling your brand online ensures potential customers can find you, and is also an important step to achieving high search engine visibility.

Ratings and Reviews

The digital world is hard on businesses with bad or no reviews; steadily increase market share by taking control of your company’s brand online.

Content Marketing

Expand your brand and increase conversion rates with distribution of original articles, infographics, PDFs, and video to a customized network of relevant channels.

Let's Talk

I specialize in helping clients harness the power of the internet to build, expand, and protect their brands:

  • Creating beautiful, highly functional websites that prompt engagement and conversion
  • Communicating efficiently with customers, clients and fans
  • Building segmented email lists and custom social media audiences
  • Tracking and understanding the true results of marketing efforts

I’d love to chat with you about your business and the best ways to reach your goals in an affordable and timely fashion. Give me a call at 401-203-5023 or use this form to send me an email.