About Karrie

I’m a freelance Website Design and Digital Marketing Professional based in Barrington, Rhode Island. I’ve been involved in marketing since 1996, focusing on digital marketing since 2005. As an independent business person I’ve worn many hats and developed the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations. This is one of the reasons that I really like web design and digital marketing.

I enjoy helping clients through the design and development process, learning about their goals and brainstorming with them to find great ways to express the unique benefits of their business.  

Your website is the hub of your brand on the internet and it is also the most important component of your digital footprint.  Once a strong foundation has been laid via your site, we can move onto the other aspects of the digital landscape that are most beneficial to your particular industry, company and target audience(s). Consistency across all digital channels is the key to a strong brand online, and will give you a competitive advantage in reaching today’s busy consumers and businesses.

I’m flexible in terms of project scope and business relationship. I often work with clients on an ongoing basis, adding components to their digital footprint as their time and budget allow. I can help you define and reach your digital goals quickly and efficiently, so please feel free to give me a call at (401) 203-5023 or use the form to send me an email. 

Karrie DiSanto

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