Defining the unique qualities that make your business special.

We’ll craft messaging that conveys those qualities and expand your
customer base with engaging content and eye-catching design,
while ensuring brand consistency across all media channels.

Website Design

Responsive Design

One Site for All Devices

Google’s preference for web design provides optimal viewing experiences for all devices, browsers, and screens.

Content Creation

A Strategic Approach

Target New Audiences

Custom videos, infographics, articles, and more will help you find and engage potential customers.

Social Media

Control Your Brand

Build a Loyal Fan Base

New and re-purposed content can be used to great effect on the right platform.


A New Business Reality

Reputation Management

Take advantage of the paradigm shift in the way consumer’s find businesses online.

E-mail Marketing

The Best Bang for Your Buck

Maximize Your ROI

The single best way to create new, repeat, and referral business is through targeted e-mail campaigns.

Print Media

Complete Your Branding Efforts

Branded Print Collateral

Professionally designed print materials tie all of your marketing efforts together.

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Hi, I’m Karrie.  I like to help nice people share their message with the world.

Karrie DiSanto Web Design and Digital MarketingI’m based in Barrington, Rhode Island and I’ve been involved in marketing for almost 20 years. Being a freelance web designer and digital strategist, I’m particularly sensitive to the concerns of the small business owner.

The website is the logical hub for virtually all businesses because it is highly trackable, almost in real time, giving you the ability to really figure out what is working and what is not. I enjoy helping my clients understand how the dynamic nature of the internet can work to their advantage to:

  • Increase ROI by simply tracking not just website visits, but also digital, print, and email marketing campaigns
  • Take control of their online reputation to take advantage of the huge shift in the way consumers find products and services
  • Rank high in local search results to create a strategic advantage over their competition

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